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My AutoSupport and Storage Efficiency on YouTube


Courtesy of NetAppTV, a video slideshow highlighting the Storage Efficiency widget on My AutoSupport is available on YouTube.

NetAppTV — April 08, 2010 — My AutoSupport is a web-based monitoring tool that offers a quick and easy view into the health, performance and storage efficiency of any NetApp storage system. This tool gives you a comprehensive view of your NetApp system all in one place.

To learn more about NetApp's technologies that help increase storage efficiency, please visit:

For more discussion on storage efficiency visit the storage efficiency community at:




You can also click the movie icon in the text editor of the community and it will allow you to directly imbed and share your videos in the community.


Thanks for the tip, John. I wasn't sure if I could embed videos that I don't own.



No problem at all. If there is a URL you can embed it on the community.

If it is not hosted on youtube you can now click on create a video and

upload your video directly into the community. It is a cool new feature

here is the url for the video over view page.


Yeah, it is a great 2 - 3 minutes quick overview of My AutoSupport and also its storage efficiency profiler module.  Good at-a-glance tutorial for those who are not familar with My AutoSupport or those who are evaluating monitoring tools for their storage efficiency returns.