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Printing and the format of Visualizations PDF output files


I’m wondering if I’m getting the best results when I use myASUP to generate PDFs documenting my customers environment. I’ve attached a PDF from MyASUP visualization to point out my problems. This is from serial# 700000159704. I select Visualizations, then System tab, the click PDF. The PDF result I get includes all the different tabs output (disks, raid, qtrees, storage) which is fine, because I really want them all, but the problems I have seem to be:

1)    The systems page (or pages?) are shrunk down onto one page so that a system with many shelves gets rendered very small/cramped and too small to read

2)    Among all the PDF pages some seem to be to in portrait mode, others in landscape mode. When I print the PDF file, the printer doesn’t dynamically switch between these modes and the landscape pages come out truncated.

Am I doing something major wrong? I like the format/output but want to use this to provide customer hardcopy documentation of their environment and it doesn’t print out well.



hi, the burt is the best approach to track this.


Thanks Kawai. I'll wait to see how it gets resolved.


Hi, thanks for the input.  I will forward this to my asup engineering team as a burt.  Have opened up burt 423337 to track progress.


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