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SMTP relay for Autosupport messages

Hello all!

I've a problem about sending ASUP messages... namely, the mail server we're using does not allow creation of mail accounts without a password nor bypassing/ignoring IP addresses (don't ask, it's complicated). 🙂 So, when I try sending out a test message this is what I get:

Wed May 12 10:20:35 CEST [asup.smtp.reject:error]: Autosupport mail  was not sent because the mail host rejected the FROM section (Protocol  error) for message: USER_TRIGGERED (mail_test)
Wed May 12 10:20:35  CEST [asup.smtp.drop:error]: Autosupport mail  (/etc/log/autosupport/201005121020.1) was not sent for host (0). The  system will drop the message

If I understand correctly, Autosupport can't post messages through a mail server that requires  authentication (username/password) right? But here's the trick - it DID work the first time I tested ASUP!  However, ever since than I keep getting the same error messages. I've tried setting up a new e-mail account for the filer to see whether it would work again, but no luck. Same problem again.

So now I'm thinking about sending ASUP messages by using some kind of SMTP relay to forward them to the right address - this time with the right user/pass parameters. Any thoughts on this?

P.S. It's a Widnows environment.




Re: SMTP relay for Autosupport messages

Is using HTTP(S) to post ASUP to NetApp an option? You could then configure MyASUP to selectively forward them  if required.

Re: SMTP relay for Autosupport messages

Hello Aborznekov,

Yes, I believe so! There's no proxy server or anything... But, I must admit I'm not experienced with MyAutosupport on NOW. From what i can see on NOW, these are it's major benefits:

  • Performance trending
  • Device visualization (system, disk, RAID, Qtree, capacity)
  • Configuration compare
  • Storage efficiency profiling
  • Data ONTAP upgrade advisor
  • View AutoSupport history and events over last 60 days
  • Proactive health check summary
  • Customize AutoSupport email notification
  • AutoSupport content viewer

How do I configure it to forward received ASUP messages? I just browsed through it and couldn't find that option....

Re: SMTP relay for Autosupport messages

This would be Customize Notifications (lower right corner). You will not receive full ASUP content, just short notice, but always can view it later on NOW.


With best regards

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Re: SMTP relay for Autosupport messages




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