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SNMP ALerts or if you know a better way.......


I am trying to do something which i thought was simple, basically I want my 4xfas 2040 to shoot out an alert via SNMP to my trap host (HPSIM) when any VOL gets to 90%.

I am using HP SIM but would use something else if its simple.  If i trigger an auto support HP sim gets it and I can actually see the auto support in HP sim, so I know they are communicating.

I set the SNMP trigger per Level1 tech's instructions and created a test VOL and filled it to 96%..but nothing is sent out.  The level tech wanted me configure SNMP via CLI but i already set it up via Filer web GUI.  BUt I went and did it anyway just to make him happy.  after the third level 1 tech could not figure it out i was bumped up to next level, no contact form them yet.

While i ws waiting I did download the latest Netapp MIB and uploaded it to HP sim and ran against my filer which it did find and identify, so i know HP SIM is working in that regard.

I just want to know how everyone else is doing this whether at the aggr level or vol.  How are yo guys getting notified when they are getting close to full and what are yo using.

Seems that using SNMP is a bigger pain than it should be.....

Im just frustrated!



By default NetApp sends two traps (nearlyFull and Full) as volumes reach 95% and 98% respectively. This does not need custom trap creation and simply assumes SNMP is enabled. And it definitely works ☺

You can change thresholds globally or per-volume as described in

Show output of “snmp” and “snmp traps”. Oh, and “options snmp.” ☺


The trap was set to notify at 90% which is what I wanted but the test Vol i setup was at 96% I needed to drop it below 90% then filled it back up to 96%...Trap was sent and recieved by trap host...Im good!!!!