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Hello guys


I'm facing strage issue with my StorageGRID platform, when i login to tenant and try to create S3 bucket, it gives me below error.

500: Internal Server Error

Internal server error. The server encountered an error and could not complete your request. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support.

We encountered an internal error. Please try again.


NetApp support is stating that this is due to NTP time sync issues.I do get NTP Lock (NTLK) issues where in some of the SGA nodes shows not locked. However at times all the SGA nodes are locked with NTP and there are no issues reported on StorageGRID and at that particular time if i try to create bucket it still gives me same issues. This makes me think issue could not be because of NTP lock issue.


Has anyone faced similar issues and can suggest where to look at. I'm new to SG and thus wondering how to go about it.


Thanks in advance.


Re: StorageGRID


Hello! I'm with the NetApp StorageGRID support escalation team and I'd be happy to review your case to ensure you have a more satisfactory response. Can you provide the case number so I may review the full case notes?

[Edit: Alternatively, if the case is still open, you can ask the case owner to contact me for a review.]

Re: StorageGRID


Hello Michael

Yes case still open, Case# 2008005726.

I was with the case owner yesterday and he checked the network connectivity. Our setup have backup systems in a different subnet from Server subnet. Thus the storageGRID appliance nodes are in backup systems subnet and the Admin node (since it is running over VMware and server subent is differnet) is on a seprate subnet. We have opned ports in the firewall. Is it ok to setup the SG like this or SGA and Admin nodes have to be in same subnet?




Re: StorageGRID


Hi Rajesh,

I have reviewed the case and have determined a probable root cause. We will need additional information to confirm; your case owner will contact you with the details.

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