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fas2520 , 2 node vmware; cluster nfs?


I have a fas2520 with two heads and two vmware nodes; on the fas I configure the network to receive and provide services via nfs; then on a head, port e0c, I will be and the other head will be; the nodes with the correct port will be and if a node connects nfs to each other  nfs tells me that the two nodes will see a datastore called DatastoreVM and the other Datastore (1), since the high reliability does not work. if instead I configure both vmware nodes to an ip nfs I have a correct setting with the same datastore name on both nodes, but I will have the problem that if a head falls for a failure, I get the nfs volume. I can have an ip cluster of nfs in order to point to only one ip.



Re: fas2520 , 2 node vmware; cluster nfs?


Sorry, I can't understand your question.


With NetApp HA - the IP used to serve NFS moves between nodes. The specifics of how this is done depends on your ONTAP version.


Assuming you are using Clustered ONTAP 8.3 or newer - each node needs an SP and a node management IP. The cluster of two nodes also has a cluster management IP. Then there will be a SVM created, and that SVM will have a LIF (Logical Interface) with an IP address used to access NFS from the NetApp.

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