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We downloaded the latest version of the ontap simulator (9.13.1) and deployed the .ova on our vmware esx-cluster. No matter what we're doing with the more
Hi everyone, I need to automatically at 1am make the .snapshot directory available for a backup and hid the .snapshot directory at 3am after the backu more
Hi. TeamAs I checked in the document, it is confirmed fhat REST API does not support workgroup on CIFS configuration yet. Is there any plan to support more
Hello Netapp Community !Anyone has an idea what is the maximum storage capacity we can implement with the latest simulator version 9.13.1 ?By the way, more
hello all, while trying to do some data collection I stumbled into get-NcQuota not working.Researching here I found a few ways to use the old zapi sty more
Hi There!I got a problem on my task,I tried to import .OVA file(vsim-netapp-DOT9.13.1-cm_nodar) to my vmware enviroment with vcenter and after import more
What other requirements are needed for getting "top-metrics" API call to work properly? Specifically, any/all these Storage GET API top-metrics calls: more
Hello, I'm trying to display file permissions using rest-api. I have an old vserver and it does not work when SECD cannot resolve SID. It's fine using more