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Hi team, Can anyone please share me the API for ontap rest API to create snapshot with expiry date   ?  kalyan
Hi Everyone, I'm facing below issue when trying to delete a snapshot from which a volume is cloned. Is this because the cloned volume has not been spl more
Hi, REST API returns "msid" for each reported volume, but how do I get the "flexgroup-msid" which can be displayed via CLI? My goal is to find the fle more
We ran in this problem after upgrading de PSTK to version 9.14, scripts on version 9.10 works ok.when  we connect with  connect-nccontroller  "$netapp more
When obtaining the usage capacity of end-user servers,we connect to the NetApp server via HTTPS and use the "quota-report-iter" of the OntapClusterAPI more
Hello, I'm trying to display file permissions using rest-api. I have an old vserver and it does not work when SECD cannot resolve SID. It's fine using more
Hello,I am using a simulator running 9.12.1P11 to test the new snapshot copy locking feature (without SnapLock). It works in general, however I've run more
I am trying to setup 9.14 simulator  but not getting boot menu despite keyboard intruption. Please suggest.