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I'm looking for a simulator download to deploy the NetApp ONTAP 9.7 simulator in VMWare Vshphere/ESXi so we can test compatibility with our product an more
I'm trying to build an Azure Logic app to interact with my OnCommand Cloud Manager instance using the HTTP+Swagger workflow. This requires a CORS Swag more
I am develop tool for ontap with python. On the way, I tried to create a Qtree using multi-byte characters such as Japanese and Korean.However, if an more
Getting the error when creating a new quota entry when using the NetApp sdk   below are the input parameters <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ne more
I installed all pre-reqs including '2:tog-pegasus-libs-2.14.1-7.el7.x86_64', but, I received an error when installing SMI-S. It complained about 'libp more
Hi, I have a question about NetApp 7-mode and ZEXPLORE. I need to get output from the disk shelf. Currently, I have only one storage disk shelf. It wo more
Hello,   When I run this command from powershell get-smpolicy | Select-Object SnapVaultLabel, PolicyType, SqlBackupType   My results return the SQLBac more
  Hi folks, I am one of the developers of NetApp Harvest. We heavily use Zapi to collect performance and capacity counters from ONTAP hosts. Recently more
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Can everyone download the Data Ontap 8.2.1 simulators? I tried to download them, but only 8KB tgz files are downloaded.Links are as bellow.http://mysu more
Think of this as a quick install guide.  It will not go into configuring or using the hypervisor, or how to complete the NetApp setup script.  Instead more
NetApp unified storage systems support multiprotocol data access and can be configured as SAN, IP-SAN and NAS devices at the same time. NetApp storage more
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