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Monitoring Detailed CIFS Usage - Approach


Running a C-mode 9.3 cluster with many CIFS shares. I'm facing an issue with CIFS latency stats rising. I'm tracking the latency with Harvest/NaBOX/Grafana but what I also need to do is gather the output of CIFS top in order to see the clients that are creating the most requests. I do this by logging in over SSH and running something like:


  • statistics top client show -interval 30 -iterations 1

This is not very automated/scalable os I'm wondering how I coudl conime this more automated. I have ELK stack,NaBOx,Splunk so wondering how I could get this data in there the make some stats on it. Thinking of something along the following lines:


  • Perfstat windows tool connecting to cluster and dumping to dis. Splunk collecting thereafter?
  • Fpolicy ?

Re: Monitoring Detailed CIFS Usage - Approach


just using the command feed to Splunk

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