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Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


I'm in the midst of trying to troubleshoot a shared disk issue in ontap 9.6, when I google 'netapp released shared disk maintenance mode', the top 4 links which are the only relevant ones NO LONGER EXIST after the 5/7 update... Why oh why would you take articles from 2017 and 2019 and no longer have them available?????? Ugh you make today frustrating netapp.


Re: Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


The new KB site is much more capable, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to batch migrate everything.


Here's some more details on the new KB site:


You may be able to view the old article in Google's cache, and the support team should be able to help retrieve it and/or migrate it for you to the new site. Sorry this is hitting you now.

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Re: Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


Sorry but this is frustrating, trying to work through a SVM-DR snapmirror replication and literally the top 5 links on multiple searches are just Page not found 404 errors due to this upgrade....


Can Netapp at least give us the ability to get access to the old KB system, makes no sense why articles from 2018 would not be brought over....


Here's some search results:

Top 5 results are Page not Found


Another Top 5 results are Page not found


Links 3 and 4 don't work


Its highly frustrating to be troubleshooting to be just knocked down on literally 3 similar google searches. To force us to open up a netapp support ticket is just a waste of time. 


I literally opened up a P2 ticket yesterday had NO CONTACT the entire day, so just figured the issue out on my own... TO put in a ticket to get access to KB articles is ridiculous.... 


Sadly Reddit is now my go-to place for Netapp technical support because I really don't want to waste time trying to find articles that used to be available just a week ago....


My ticket # yesterday was: 2008311259


Its a P2 ticket I put in at 10:15am MST, I didn't get a response back till 4:12pm MST...... By that time I had already left for the day and figured it out the next morning....

Re: Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


Honestly, as part of the Support team, I do first of all appreciate your frustration and want to apologize. We have an active project to manually rewrite the articles to be cleaner and crisper. We also realized there were a lot of articles that were just plan out of date or needed revision. We are bound to miss some articles that may have been useful. As we go forward and yourself and other customers identify articles that need to migrated/written, this will get fixed.


As a workaround (for now...), you can use Google's cache, or the Wayback machine for now.


If this is an urgent ask, our usual recommendation is to call in to get immediate assistance.


Again, I'd like to apologize as this caused a delay on your end. If you have any questions or concerns, I am one of the KB performance leads as well as a senior TSE and can try to help, or we have others on other support teams.

Re: Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


By the way, was your case # actually 2008312856? If so, that's due to a network error and will need to get tcpdumps reviewed to see if there is loss or other delay. As a troubleshooting step, you can work with MPLS provider to check the WAN link.

Re: Why did they remove even recent KB articles?


@GovtGeeks  Apologies for the inconvenience, We are here to help you in anyway possible.


As part of our site redesign, we have only retained the most used and most relevant KBs in the new Knowledge Base. If you have bookmarked a legacy KB link, you will be redirected to the new Knowledge Base. Please try and search for the KB in the site using the title of the KB or relevant keywords.


If you are not able to find the KB in our site, submit a request to add the KB to the new site by filling the KB Request Form. The team will review the request and let you know if we can reinstate the KB in the new site.


For more information on what has changed in the new KB site, please read the FAQ Changes to the NetApp Knowledge Base site 


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