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disable shutdown because of nvram batteries low


Hi everybody,

is it possible to disable the shutdown of the system (FAS2240 CDOT) ? We are running trainings with netapp, therefore it isnt that big problem

running without nvram:


if the NVRAM batteries are dangerously low, the system shuts down automatically every 24 hours to encourage you to replace them. If you reboot the system it will run for another 24 hours before shutting down.

Re: disable shutdown because of nvram batteries low


Following option will delay the automatic shutdown.

::> options ra*
raid.timeout 24

The value is in hours; the default is 24, the minimum acceptable value is 0 and the largest acceptable value is 4,294,967,295.

I think 0 will disbale this shutdown. Incase it does not accept 0, then simply set it higher value so that you can continue with your training duration without thinking about it.

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