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Hola. Me gustaría saber si Netapp y Red Hat Linux son compatibles con NFS.   --Admin Edit Below-- I would like to know if Netapp and Red Hat Linux are more
Hi!We have installed Data ONTAP® DSM 3.5 for Windows® MPIO on DPM Windows 2008 R2 server.After reboot there were no more FCP PARTNER MISCONFIGURED err more
We have a 7-mode system running 8.2.3 ONTAP, that has CIFS shares configured on an AD. The DC has been decommissioned but the files need to be accesse more
I get a drive mapping error when mapping to a NetApp CIFS server from a windows server or workstation. I think it has to do with NetApp connection to more
Hi Team,   I have very weired problem, i have one domain on onprem and another domain in cloud and accessing netapp share through citirx desktop. when more
I am having trouble access cifs shares. I have tried running cifs setup and it fails with "Data ONTAP API Failed :Could not authenticate with domain c more
I want to confirm the configuration for TrendMicro ServerProtect 6.0 running on ONTAP 9.1.  I had been told by NetApp support that I need a LIF in eac more
Dear Community,   Since ONTAP 9.4 [1] there is this new CIFS option "-max-credits" with a default of 128. According to Microsoft [2] on Windows Server more
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Almost every Company has different Departments, most of the Departments have their own folder in the central file share. In the folder of the Departme more
We ran into this nasty issue while doing an Ontap Upgrade which lead to a downtime for us. Ontap Upgrade from 8.1.2 to 8.2P5. Followed Upgrade Advisor more
Native auditing is file auditing feature introduced in ONTAP 8.2. This framework supports both CIFS and NFS file access auditing. The event logging fr more
License            Key                   Purposecifs              DZDACHD            CIFS protocolcluster        JQIGWWF    Clustering of simulatorscl more
::::::: A Presentation about the CIFS shares and basics ::: copyrights to suresh
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