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Hi @ all, we are currently migrating our DCs from w2k8 to Windows Server 2019. We have installed 2 new servers and the corresponding roles and upgrade more
Hi All - I've read a large number of the threads out here in detail. We are running 9.4P3 on our system and are hosting several MASSIVE shares with mu more
Hi, IHAC that has a CIFS volume (NTFS security style) and would like to make this volume available to Red Hat 7 and 8 clients.  Linux clients currentl more
While using New-NcLun getting the error file already exists , Did anyone get the same error and if so what can be done to avoid this error .
Hi all - Can  one rename an NFS share? Is  it as simple  as unmounting ,renaming and  re-mounting the share? I've searched for an  answer but can't  f more
I got the following security violation notice on Netapp 8.2.2 (System Manager 3.1.3): ==============================================================De more
I have Netapp version 8.2.2.   I have the following security violation on it after scanned with security tool.It said that the solution is to "configu more
We have a FAS3220 netapp Baie.   I created a Volume : a_datauser1       a_datauser1 online          raid_dp, flex         nosnap=on, no_atime_update=o more
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Almost every Company has different Departments, most of the Departments have their own folder in the central file share. In the folder of the Departme more
We ran into this nasty issue while doing an Ontap Upgrade which lead to a downtime for us. Ontap Upgrade from 8.1.2 to 8.2P5. Followed Upgrade Advisor more
Native auditing is file auditing feature introduced in ONTAP 8.2. This framework supports both CIFS and NFS file access auditing. The event logging fr more
License            Key                   Purposecifs              DZDACHD            CIFS protocolcluster        JQIGWWF    Clustering of simulatorscl more
::::::: A Presentation about the CIFS shares and basics ::: copyrights to suresh
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