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I'm having a 2 node cluster. Each node has a 4 ports LACP configuration connected to 2 NEXUS 9k. On the cluster I have created a SVM with lif's connec more
Greetings all and Happy New Year,   I currently have an issue with the NFS settings on three of my four filers.  I have compared them to the filer whi more
Hi,   I want to configure CIFS on my Netapp. The Netapp cluster has for DNS the Google's DNS ( and I haven't an Active Directory. I want my cl more
Is it possible to associate multi DNS / AD servers with multi volumes in a single SVM?   For instance   UAT.exam more
  hi , we had setup cifs auditing in a customer environment.It works well for normal shares ,but the customer has some hidden shares ,i mean they are more
Greetings All,   In an effort to continue cleaning up the current NetApp infrastructure, I am looking to delete a bunch of orphaned SIDs that exist wi more
I apologize if my questions was discussed in the past but I couldnt find anything similar.   Trying to understand the best practices between NAS Clien more
I am unable to connect a windows 10 enterprise client to our cifs shares We use DFS on our windows server – so normally I would just map to the root o more
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Almost every Company has different Departments, most of the Departments have their own folder in the central file share. In the folder of the Departme more
We ran into this nasty issue while doing an Ontap Upgrade which lead to a downtime for us. Ontap Upgrade from 8.1.2 to 8.2P5. Followed Upgrade Advisor more
Native auditing is file auditing feature introduced in ONTAP 8.2. This framework supports both CIFS and NFS file access auditing. The event logging fr more
License            Key                   Purposecifs              DZDACHD            CIFS protocolcluster        JQIGWWF    Clustering of simulatorscl more
::::::: A Presentation about the CIFS shares and basics ::: copyrights to suresh