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Cluster Switch CN1610 and FastPath support


As of today  the FASTPATH O/S that runs on the CN1610 switch will support up to Ontap 9.10.1 currently. FASTPATH is now in limited support with no new versions planned for release.   Compatibility between Ontap and FASTPPATH has changed in the past without a FASTPATH version change.  The dilemma I have is that if Ontap releases a version 9.11, is Netapp actively testing to see if the latest version of FASTPATH will be compatible or am I facing having to purchase new intercluster switches to keep pace is OnTap versions.   Does anyone have any insight as to what Netapp's plans are.  What is the next version of Ontap and does Netapp plan to test it with FASTPATH.   Hardware support is good until 2025 it would be a shame to ditch supported, working hardware do to software incompatibility.



Hello @jhuber66 ,


You are correct that the Support is not listed for the FASTPATH OS for CN1610 at this time in HWU, however 9.11 is not yet released and I am not able to find any other switches listing support for 9.11 at this time either. I would suggest that once the GA release is available for 9.11 then there may be some additions to the HWU page for support.


I might suggest engaging your account team for any further details on this, as well as possibly requesting an RFE depending on the response. As I am certain that other customers have similar concerns.