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Expand the file Cifs aggr


Hi community,

My company has Nseries N3400 which used CIFS for file share. 

On ctl A we have 2 aggr:

- Aggr0: total 5TB with root volume 50gb and the rest for VM volume.

-Aggr1: total 3TB for CIFS share and almost full (100GB available)

We want to expand the file capacity.

Our solution:

1. Create root volume say "root2" 50GB on aggr1 

2. move root volume from aggr0 to volume "root2" 

3. move VMs from vol VM on aggr0 to other box (ibm v3700)

4. Destroy the aggr0 (this will free some disks)

5. Add some disks to the aggr1 and resize the CIFS share volume


1. Is this the good way to expand aggr1? Pls suggest other better solution.

2. Step 2 is a complex step, do we need to re config Cifs configuration, network or exports file?

please help us with this case. All the recommendations are welcomed. Thanks.


Please, do not add every possible tag just because they are available. You cannot have C-Mode and 7-Mode at the same time. I assume you have 7-Mode.

To expand aggregate you need free disks. Either you free some or buy some. There are no miracles.

When movin root volume all configuration is kept as long as no changes happens between copying of root volume and booting from new root. Make sure to schedule it with minimum delay. Theoretically it is possible that filer decides to change domain password at exactly the wrong time but that is easily fixed by resetting password.


Thanks Aborzenkov for quick reply.

We're not going to buy new disks, we want to free the existings, is this the right way to go in this situation? Please give your advice.


Somebody help me this, pls.