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ONTAP Version 9.1P20


We are planning to upgrade from ONTAP version 8.3.2P12 to version 9.1P20 . When trying to download the image, we were presented with two options:

1- With NetApp Volume Encryption for FAS

2- Without NetApp Volume Encryption for FAS

Apparently, no matter which option we choose, the NVE will provide the ability to use the integrated OKM w/NVE to encrypt volumes.

What are the advantages of encrypting volumes?  It is really necessary?





What controller model do you have?   some won't support it even with the code update.   Check hwu.netapp.com for details. 


But generally you go with the Volume Encryption.  The NO Volume encryption is used for areas that can't use the encryption tech.  


NVE (NetApp Volume Encryption) is Software level data at rest encryption.   Here's some reading to start with - https://www.netapp.com/us/media/ds-3899.pdf 


FAS8040 is the controller model.


Cool,   So yes it's supported,  and I would get the image with encryption and keep using the encryption one each time you upgrade past 9.1,  even if you never use it. 

Encryption is just a feature available. You don't have to use it.