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OnTap Select - Cluster Create Failure due to unexpected additional property


Hey all,


I'm experimenting wiht OT Select in our lab. Today I upgraded Deploy to 2.10 to be able to use

software RAID with ESX as I have a host (former Cisco Hyperflex node) without a hardware RAID controller.


I could add the host and Deploy can get the inventory just fine.


However, when I try to create a single node cluster on the host after entering the basic cluster details

I get an error message stating

"Invalid Output: Additional properties are not allowed (u'host_uuid' was unexpected) Failed validating 'additionalProperties' in schema [..]"


At the end of the output I can see that it read the hosts UUID, however I can not proceed with creating the cluster

as there is no host in the dropdown menu to select as a destination.


Has anyone else had this problem as well? All help would be welcome.. 🙂






Is this a deployment using a vcenter? If you cancel it all and remove the host and re-add it then try the deployment again it may work. It almost seems like the UUID of the host may have changed. This can happen when the host is removed from inventory and readded on the vcenter side. It will generate a new UUID