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dNFS and NetApp cluster


My understanding is, we should set up one LIF on one node, and bound all LIF's ( assume you have 8 nodes, then there would be 8 LIF's) into the group, to achieve the load balance.


Can all 8 LIF's write/read data from the same volume? If yes, only one LIF is direct access, or the other is indirect. Correct?



If you mean dNFS in the sense from Oracle, then, yes, create at least one LIF per node per SVM.

Let Oracle dNFS know about all the LIFS.

Oracle will distribute across all the LIFs as it sees fit.


The LIFs on nodes that do not hold the volume will be indirect access. Please review the below links. They will be helpful with the setup.


Best Practices to configure a dNFS client


Oracle Databases on ONTAP



It sounds like this may be an initial setup question (even if an existing install). It may not hurt to talk to your account team about best practices as they can bring in some resources who are familiar with setting up Oracle so you get the best performance for your system.