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fsecurity apply run clears all unix mode bits on qtree with NTFS permissions in 7-mode


I ran fsecurity apply on a folder on my filer (NetApp Release 8.2.4P4 7-Mode) to apply new ACLs to the folder and all subfolders and files in it. Here is the contents of the security.conf file I applied:


1,0,"/vol/vol1/topics/DL/",0,"D:_(A;CIOI;0x1f01ff;;;DE\filer_users)" (The underscore is actually not there)



fsecurity finished sucessfully and looking at the ACLs from windows looked good.


We also mount this share on our Linux computers (Ubuntu 16.04, NFS vers. 4). To my surprise the Linux permissions were all removed and looked like this:


d--------- 13 root    nobody 4096 Dec  4 16:30 docs
----------  1 fred    nobody 9728 Dec 20 09:48 Thumbs.db


Also, the group was changed to "nobody". This is causing problems for the users. If you try to write a file, you get a "read only" warning. Writing is still possible, since the ACL allows writing, but you have to explicitly tell the programs to ignore the "read only" warning.


Since chmod and chgrp commands are ignored, how can I set the permission mode to something like "rwxrwx---", which should be the default? What have I done wrong with the fsecurity apply run?


Thank you,