ONTAP Hardware

disks not showing up on a controller


I have a controller that cannot boot because it does not own any disks. If i go onto its partner(B) i can see that there are multiple disks assigned to A (the disks sysids match A's sysid). I can get into maintenance mode on A, but am not sure what to do as it does not see any disks, even though the disks appear to be assigned to its sysid. Any ideas what could be going on?



From maintenance mode I would run "sasadmin expander_map" and "sasadmin shelf" or if DS14 shelves "fcadmin device_map" to see if shelves and disks are there...if you see nothing then there is an issue from the HBA to the disk shelves most likely.


Also would open a P1 case if on support since the node has an outage.