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9.9.1 Ontap Simulator


Question for anyone who is familiar with this image. Does this image have the capability to add more 4 network ports? Two are used for cluster, so that only makes one available for MGMT, and one available for data such as iscsi or NFS. If NFS and iSCSI are segmented which they should be, what is your advice on additional ports\vlans etc for the two node simulator? 


I read in your guide this can support up to 220GB of space and has built in additional shelves aside from the default simulated shelf0 and shelf1. I only see up to 40GB of space. How can I add the additional simulated shelves that are built in this image to get the max space this image supports? 


Im attaching my VM config of network ports and the total data aggregate space. Not sure if there is a way to add the other simulated shelves its states in your guide as stated below. 





Hi mmargolis26,


Just adding this for other readers, but you can add 4 more network ports.


I managed to add the 4x network ports after a built a 2-node cluster.  Running VMware Workstation Pro version 16.2.2 on Windows.


I assume this has to be done at deployment? Prior to first powering on the HA pair simulator?