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Is it possible to execute Perl script on filer simulator 5.4 from remote using NMSDK Perl.


I am using NetApp Filer simulator 5.4.It is getting the IP address. I am able to ping from other Linux system and can take SSH as well.

But while trying to connect using perl script over ssh I am not able to connect .

I tried using Perl NMSDK (NetApp Manageability SDK) .It shows error as 'http 400 bad error'.

While using Net::Openssh perl module it asks for password but it is not accepting the password and showing permission denied.

Is it possible to execute Perl scripts while using simulator?

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Kmalesh -


PERL is very mush supported using the SDK.

The connection is over SSL, not SSH.


Simulators work the same with the SDK and all API calls as live systems do.


You may wish to view a free webinar on API programming I did for FastLane US last year: -> Previously Recorded Webinars Zephyr Application Programming Interface

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