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how to get 'statistics top file' result via Perl SDK

Hi all,

I have srugled for some days to get the 'statistics top file' result (sort-key with read_data) via Perl SDK but all failed. 

1. I use sdk-9.3

2. I wanted to learn some code from the sample code, which locates in sdkdir/src/sample/Data_ONTAP/Perl. I get 'Unable to find API: perf-object-instance-list-info' when run Not sure whether I download the right sdk version.

3. I see another thread in the forums at this link. Then I think the related function is like perf-*. And I think 'top_file' should be the value of 'objectname'  'read_data' should be the value of the 'counter'. But I don't have idea about what is the 'instance' and 'sample id' in some perf-* function.

3. Then I tried to test some function in Zedi. But the 'perf-object-instance-list-info-iter' return fail and reason is 'this command does not support the "top_file" object and other statistically tracked objects. please use the "statistics start/stop/show". Does it mean that we can only login and run command to get the 'top file' and cannot get from sdk?





Re: how to get 'statistics top file' result via Perl SDK

I still cannot find a right way to get the 'top file' and 'top client' in my script.  Smiley Sad

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