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ESX host disappears from vCenter webclient inventory when VSC 6.1 is installed.


We Installed VSC 6.1 on our environment and I’ve noticed that when provisioning a datastore with the VSC or directly from onCommand, it gets created and mounted but its information is not available on the VSC plugin until we restart the VSC service.
Also we are tracking an issue that seemed to have pop up when we installed the VSC plug in, where the host does not show up in the vCenter inventory but it only affects the web client, If we use the vSphere C# client we can see the host in the inventory. If we disable and unregister the VSC extension and restart the web client service the host shows up in the inventory of the web client again.

We are using vSphere 6 Multi-vCenter using separate Platfom Service Controllers.


Any one else seen these problems?





I have implemented VSC 6.2P1 and have not experienced any disappearing hosts anymore. I am now in the process of upgrading/installing the other components (VASA/SRA 3.0) to get my VMware SRM environment active again.


So far so good!


I have not either. We are using vSphere 6.0 Update 2 and a vCenter 6.0 Appliance.


Installing VSC patch 6.2P1 also fixed my issue with hosts disappearing from vCenter.  However, it seems to have introduced a new one.  My hosts now randomly disconnect from vCenter.  vCenter logs would indicated that there was an error with the host name in subject for the host certificate.  I have verified the host cert and thumbprint as being correct.  Since unregistering VSC from vCenter and shutting it down the random host disconnects have stopped.  Has anyone else been experiencing this issue with VSC?


Did you continue to see the issue with ESXi host disconnecting after installing 6.2P1? Do you see them disconnecting in the recent tasks area?


I applied this the day it came out and it seems to have done the trick for us.  


I heard from support it was a bad API on vmware's part and this patch basically removes the use of that API.  


I have downgraded to VSC 6.0 per Netapps tech support.   This seems to be working for me.  I would open a case with Netapp and they have some prep/cleanup steps you can follow before you install the downgraded version.   Note: I am running Virtual Center appliance 6.0 Update 2.   Netapp has not fully vetted out VSC 6.0 on VSCA 6.0 U2 but was the suggested work around and so far so good.


 I was about to try 6.2 but from your feedback it seems going to 6.0 is the safer bet.


give the VCenter more RAM and more CPU Power,it helps a little bit


A new patch for VSC has been released, 6.2P1.  It can be downloaded here:



The bug/BURT in question, ESX hosts being hidden in inventory, is 980727.


VSC 6.2 merges the seperateness of VVOLs/VP in 6.0 and no VVOLs but integration with SnapCenter 1.0 of VSC 6.1.


We have the P1 update installed now and it works without issues.


any new update on this ? was this ever fixed in VSC 6.2 since i am running into the same problem after upgrading to VSC 6.2 from 4.2.2?


 are you using VSC 6.2 with vSphere 6.0 or 5.5?  Did you just recently upgrade?


yes recently upgraded.

Was on 5.1 and build out a brand new vCSA with external PSC on 6.0 update 2.

Migrated the hosts over and upgraded to latest release as well.


After completion the VSC was upgraded to 6.2 (from 4.2.2) and registered to the new vSphere 6 vCSA.  (migrated the repository as well since used for backups/restores and moved to new server)

hosts started disappearing and web client became unusable..


tried the following solutions with no results:

disconnect and remove hosts.

restarted the vCSA



only after removing the plugin through MOB extention manager and restarting the VCSA was I able to see the hosts again and have a consistent environment.







Ah, it sounds like the issue everyone is having.  Hopefully NetApp comes back with a solution soon.


I have the same issue with VSC 6.2 on vSphere VCSA 6.0.2 and 6.0.1. I called to open a ticket and the tcehnician acted like he had never heard if this issue before and asked that I pull logs from the  VSC and vCenter web client. I will simply not be using the VSC plugin until they work this bug out. It is quite sad that this isnt a known issue and addressed as such based on the amount of the community members experiencing the problem.


I reverted to 6.1 and now having better stability with the hosts not disappearing as frequently and makes the web client usuable.  At least this a workaround on my side until they provide a fix.


I also tried this.  But this did not seem work for me in Chrome and Firefox but I still see issues.


I've got a customer using private Mode in Firefox and the hosts do not disappear any more...




I am also having the same issue.      If we disable the VSC 6.1 plugin and then restart the VCSA 6.1 u2 web-client the hosts re-appear.    I submitted a case with Netapp.  


Running VCS 6.2 with the same problems. However have followef the tip from   and have put IE 11 InPrivate mode and at the moment it seems to be working.

fingers crossed.






NetApp told us that the cause of the issue is identified and tracked this under code review #980727




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