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HBA01 on esx server cannot see FAS2020


I had several HA failover stacks up and running, but two of my servers went out.  I had to rob a server from a good stack to get the 3rd stack back in action.  I says to myself, Self?  I should just be a ble to put that server in the rack, plug up the fiber and away we would go.  Wrong, so I said ok, if I create the initiator groups using the WWPN's from the new serve to the filer that would work....Still a no go at this station.  I went into the filer manually and entered the code 

igroup create -f -t vmware esx1_hba0 [Qlogic WWPN Port 1]

igroup create -f -t vmware esx1_hba1 [Qlogic WWPN Port 2]

igroup create -f -t vmware esx2_hba0 [Qlogic WWPN Port 1]

igroup create -f -t vmware esx2_hba1 [Qlogic WWPN Port 2]

Where the Bracketed text was the wwpn numbers of the new server, rescan, nothing.

if I* di an igroup show, the initiator groups are there, they just will not talk to the esx3.5 server.

THis filer has VM's on it that I need to be running.  What should my next steps be to bet this little operation back on a winning track?

Any and all help will be appreciated



There could be many things that are stopping your new server from picking up the LUN, and without a lot more info, it's difficult to guess at what might be the problem.

Generally, when I have issues getting a new server setup, the first thing I check is whether the hbas for your new server have logged into the filer. You can do this via the command line with:

fcp show initiator

Here's an example of what the output will look like:

MYFAS1> fcp show initiator
Initiators connected on adapter 0c:
        None connected.

Initiators connected on adapter 0d:
Portname                  Group
--------                  -----
10:00:00:00:c9:a0:9e:89   MYESX1
10:00:00:00:c9:a0:a2:cf   MYESX2

Initiators connected on adapter 0a:
        None connected.

Initiators connected on adapter 0b:
Portname                  Group
--------                  -----
10:00:00:00:c9:a0:9e:88   MYESX1
10:00:00:00:c9:a0:a2:ce   MYESX2

If you don't see your WWPNs logged in, then the next thing to check is the zoning on your switches.

If you do see your WWPNs logged in, but you don't see your igroups associated with them, then double check you got the WWPN correct in the igroup.

If you see your WWPNs logged in, and the igroup is associated with them, then there's probably a subtle misconfiguration somewhere that would take some time to track down.