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Problem with SFR : mounted backup is empty


I'm running VSC 4.2.1 under vCenter 5.5 with ESXi5.1 hosts.

I configured a Single File Restore session for one Windows Server VM and opened the backup list from the RA installed on that VM.

I choose the desired backup job an mount it as Z: drive without errors.

But when I go to Windows Explorer and click on the Z: drive, it appears to be empty.

I tried with different backup jobs including this VM, with the same result.

Does anyone have an idea why this mounted backup is empty?




Re: Problem with SFR : mounted backup is empty

I found the reason:

the RA mounts only the first partition of the backup disk, which is a "system reserved" partition under WIndows 2008R2 or Windows 2012.

So to access the partition containing the backed up datas, go in Computer Management / Storage / Disk Manager and assign a drive letter to the second partition of the disk mounted by the RA.


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