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VSC Permissions Error - Unable to add scheduled backup


We get the following error when a user who is not a VMware Administrator tries to create a backup using VSC 4.2.1

The failure occurs when specifying the virtual entities we want to backup with the backup wizard.

Our environment is vSphere 5.5, VSC 4.2.1 and DOT 8.2P5 7-Mode.

We have created a network security group call VSC_Administrators and have added users to this group.

The users we have added have NetApp Administrator privs and VMware PowerUsers privs.

We added this security group to the VSC_Administrators role

We have verified that this VSC_Administrators role has the Backup Scheduled permission

We do not get this error when the user is a VMware Administrator

I have gone through the VSC 4.2 for VMware vSphere Install and Admin guide, have Googled this error and have searched the NetApp Support site and have not found a match.  One post suggested to revert back to VSC 4.2. 

Has anyone seen this error?  How can I get VSC 4.2 to go back to, it's not on the NetApp downloads page?


Re: VSC Permissions Error - Unable to add scheduled backup


The Vmware security group that the user is in, VMware_PowerUsers did not have VSC backup permission.

So a user needs both the VSC_xxx role and the VMWare_xxx role  to have the backup permission.  We need both.

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