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Problem with luns/volumes

I created volumes/luns in Netapp E2600 and connectes the Netapp to a host with a SAS cable,

The problem is when I create volumes in Netapp I can not see them in the ESX server without rebooting the server or remove the cable and connect it again!

I realy need your help ,Any solutions??????


Re: Problem with luns/volumes

Okay, did you rescan the HBA on the ESX host?

Normally this is the operation used for discovering new LUNs presented to a host.

Re: Problem with luns/volumes

Yes I rescaned it but there is nothing after rescan ,only I can see them after rebooting or remove the cables?!!!!!

Just for some information ,I am using esx 5.5 and LSI HBA .

Re: Problem with luns/volumes

Which version of ESX are you running? How many hosts are connected? Do you have a LUN with ID 0 in the list?

Re: Problem with luns/volumes

I am using esx 5.5 and I connect 3 hosts to it but when it was only 1 host at the begining it was like now.

Yes ,I have a LUN with ID0.

Re: Problem with luns/volumes

What happens when you perform a rescan on the HBA - does it complete successfully? When you look in the storage adapters section on the ESX hosts, the number of visible LUNs doesn't change?

Re: Problem with luns/volumes

Yes ,exactly.when I rescan, it completes successfully but no change in the Luns, only when I remove the cable and connect it again or reboot the host , I can see LUNs there.

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