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Rollback procedure for VSC Recommended Values


Hi guys,

I need to provide a rollback procedure for the "set recommended values" option in VSC for a customer change request.

Does anyone know exactly what settings VSC changes? And is there a documented way how to roll them back?




Re: Rollback procedure for VSC Recommended Values



No process I know of to rollback MPIO settings leveraged by VSC. This can vary depending on versions of ESXi, VSC, or ESX host utilities used.

One thing is clear, to use block storage, you must leverage some type of MPIO (MultiPath I/O) software on the host to allow a seamless failover and alternate path selection when necessary. The changes made on the ESXi host are best practice settings that work best with VMware native NMP with NetApp systems. If they are moving to a third-party software, I would suspect reapplying the settings using your software's preferences is all that is necessary. Without these settings, you can expect the host to report lost storage errors during a cluster failover between partners and other eradicate behavior.

These settings can be further adjusted to obtain the desired results that are consistent within their environment, for instance, adapting the HBA timeouts to allow additional I/O standoff period before reporting a path is down.

To give you an idea of what changes are made, review the following KB article (requires login to KB site)-

How to configure VMware vSphere 5.x for Data ONTAP 7.3 and 8.x (KB1013275)


Send me a message with additional information if I can assist further.



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