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Using the NetApp SRA to clone non-VMware resources

In an SRM failover/test, the Datastores and RDM resources that VMware knows about are managed by the appropriate SRA.  It handles the breaking of replication or cloning, update of /etc/exports etc.

We have a number of other N-Series (NetApp) resources e.g. volumes that are mounted by clients using either CIFS or NFS that need to be managed as well.  The issue is that these resources are not known by vCentre but are internal to the client VMs. They are all being replicated to the recovery site along with all the datastores etc.

Can we add scripting to the recovery plan to get the SRA to deal with these resources as well ?


Using the NetApp SRA to clone non-VMware resources

Hi Glen,

I am not sure whether you can leverage SRA (I think you can't actually), but why not do a 'direct' scripting, invoking commands on the actual filer for all required operations (breaking the mirror, etc.)?

The script can be easily kicked off within the SRM recovery plan when required.

And BTW - at the end of the day, SRM is just a neat GUI front-end for scripting anyway .


Re: Using the NetApp SRA to clone non-VMware resources

Communication between SRM and the various SRAs that have been developed (for the variety of storage platforms) suggests a well developed API.  That API would appear to have methods for doing such things as breaking mirrors etc so I was just hoping that I could make use of it via PowerCLI or other scripting tool to deal with the resources used by VMs but not known by vCentre.

If this isn't an option, then I'll find other ways to do things.  At this stage I am exploring alternatives.

Re: Using the NetApp SRA to clone non-VMware resources

Well, I always treated SRA as a black box doing secretly all the magic between a filer & vCenter Server, rather than something which can be re-programmed & utilised for different purposes.

Although vCenter Server on its own doesn't know (much) about a filer, within SRM recovery plan you can trigger any script you like & IMHO it is really straightforward.

Re the actual commands:

Other than 'standard' rsh approach (which may be problematic on newer Windows OSes)- have you seen PowerShell OnTAP?





Re: Using the NetApp SRA to clone non-VMware resources

I believe your first statement is probably good advice.  I was wondering if we could leverage an exisiting API rather than redesign the wheel.  It is probably safer in the long run to treat an SRA as a black box.  That way we will not get caught out if anything changes.

Yes, we have been using the OnTAP PS Plugin and I admit I had forgotten we were, it along with PowerCLI is possibly a good combination. Thanks for the reminder.

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