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VSC 4.2.1 will not re-scan a vm


I've got something I have not run into before, hopefully others have.

I am using VSC 4.2.1 to scan the VMs in my datastores for alignment offsets

I run a scan, so far so good.

I find a Windows 2003 VM that is out of alignment.

I scan it with Uberalign to see that it concurs. (it does)

I use UberALign to align it.

I re-scan with UberAlign and it says it is now in alignment.

I fire up the VM, all looking good

So I go back to VSC and select to scan the datastore again.

VSC scans all of the other VMs in the datastore, but will not re-scan the VM I just aligned.

(or course, it still shows as out of alignment from the initial scan)

I know it does not scan the VM because it never creates a snapshot during the process for this VM.

Any ideas on what is the best plan for resolution?

An I missing something?



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