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VSC 6 Plug-in Unregistered from VCSA6UP2


Installed VSC 6.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2 then registered its IP  to VCSA6.0U2 (vcenter server appliance) successfully.


Added NetApp manually in VCSA successfully.


NetApp storage info / data became visible in NetApp VSC.


After few min,


VSC 6 Plug-in unregistered by itself and VSC 6 Plug-in dropped from INSTALLED PLUG-IN (upper section) to AVAILABLE PLUG-IN (lower section)


When I checked the VSC6 registration html page (still left open from last registration attempt) ) in WinSerevr 2008, the PASSWORD field showed blank (it was *********** before)


As soon as I retyped the VCSA's root password,  VSC plug-in in VCSA was restored.


Any advise ?


Thanks !!! 

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