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Hello,I am trying via java get sensor information. For example front panel tempreature sensor current value.As i understan via StorageShelfListInfoReq more
Is there a way to get the actual number of systems running world-wide on a specific version of Ontap?One of our key financial accounts want to know th more
Hi,   I want to modify my network management config and may you advise me what is the best solution to do it We have a FAS3250 with two node on cluste more
I created a vFiler with two protocols enabled export (NFS / CIFS), then I added a volume and mounted the same on a linux client, as a root user, with more
We had twice a week large replication lag of a few hours and snapshots not completing due to twice a week sql server database defrag jobs. It is obvio more
Hi,I am trying to use Data ONTAP API to query on various parameters of disk.Below is API request to Ontap API server,<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF more
My goal is to automate this command: vserver locks show -volume volName I can successfully connect via .NET returning the following version string: Ne more
Is there a place in VSC (or elsewhere in OnCommand) to configure the default subject line of VSC-based backup and recovery emails?  Ours default to "B more
I've just started trying to figure out Snapmanager for Exchange and I have a few questions:First, is there a way to configure a no run not to be repor more
Hi AllObjective was: Self system database restoreWe have tried to resote one of our SAP system of its selft database through SMSAP Backup Restore meth more