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Interactive Workflows in the Knowledge Base


In mid-2020, we redesigned the NetApp Knowledge Base to provide our customers with:

  • Top-Valued and Top-Rated articles — the most used and relevant KB content &
  • Enhanced Navigation and Search Functionalities

Post the KB site revamping, some of the top-valued content were text heavy, had multiple links embedded within articles, difficult to navigate and did not align with the NetApp content standard.


The Knowledge Base Team and Knowledge Domain Experts continued working on our mission to empower customers in finding Solutions they need with minimal effort.


We are happy to present to you the Interactive Workflows  in the Knowledge Base.


These interactive workflows provide customers the convenience of finding articles related to one topic or a common theme within the same location. Check out the new interactive workflows available:

These interactive workflows improve the findability, readability and usability of value-added articles.


After experimenting with different tools and refining our process several times, we strive to provide the best version of the interactive workflow for our customers' self-service experience. Today, we have a well-defined process for creating these interactive workflows and a list of articles identified to be worked into this content format.


We are working on creating interactive workflows for many more troubleshooting workflows, expert recommended articles, top issues and content, and legacy articles requested to be reinstated to the Knowledge Base by customers. We are also creating resolution paths for customers to find troubleshooting solutions quickly.


We did a usability testing on these workflows and have included some of the valuable feedback received from customers and partners to improve these workflows.


Our goal is to group related NetApp Knowledge – KB articles and documentation – in a user-friendly interactive format and to enable customers to find the information for the topic within the workflow. 


We value your feedback! Please let us know your experience with Interactive Workflows in the KB site.