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IHAC that is looking at a controller upgrade ....can the existing 4TB disked be moved/re-used in the new controller ?
I have E2724, SANtricity OS, so I would like to update firmware on specific disk in slot 7, so can you help to verify the command line below is correc ...read more
Hello,  In documentation for out E2860 i can see that we have options for SSD caching. Are there other caching options like Flash Cache via PCI or oth ...read more
Hi, I have small issue, kindly ask for advice! Thank you!   « Update-NeSnapshotVolumeConvertReadOnly -credential $Mycred -systemID $MySysid -ViewId. $ ...read more
Hello,  I am having problems connecting to system via serial console. The mini usb is connecting fine but not the rj45 port.   I tried changing speed ...read more
Hello   Is it possible to disable HTTP on E-Series Systems? We have different models that we access through https, so an open http port may pose a sec ...read more
We have a NetApp E2700 Series with the mix brand HDDs, now we want to buy a new hard drive replacement, however we cannot find the NetApp HDD since it ...read more
Trying to help a customer which uses smcli but keep getting this error below.  Please advise, thanks!   $ cat smcli2724.sh #!/bin/bash if echo $@ | gr ...read more
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