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what I know of is that SANtricity OS + E series is for Flasharray.  but, not sure of if E5600 and also NL-SAS , 10K SAS, & SSD, can  be used for backu ...read more
Hello,    Can someone show me the reference material/guide on how to change a volume from thick provisioning to thin?   I have a volume that was creat ...read more
Hello   We just got two E5700 and can't figure out how to login using ssh.   Webgui works fine, admin user/password is configured but the same user/pw ...read more
Win 10 x64 and SANtricity simulator for v11.50: - I start it with all_restart.bat - I login to the one running with the address, set a new p ...read more
Hello. I have a E2824 with 12 disks. Now i want to add 4 SSD disks for a new volume group. What can be the problem with adding disks?
Hi,   I am trying to copy the hosts I have in an E2860 to a new E5760. I have extracted the information using get-nehost but am struggling with the fo ...read more
Hi E-Series Users, Been exploring the SANtricity Webservices Proxy in order to collect performance metrics from my E-Series Systems, and heavily inspi ...read more
Is there a performance impact on volumes which have data assurance enabled? If there is a performance impact, how much is the performance impact.    I ...read more
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