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The tossing of the baby with the bath-water when it comes to tools


@Simone_Anastasio, @utpal


I am again chagrined by the lack of foresight from the NetApp Command tools department.  Now the VDI cloning functionality has been stripped from VSC;  in a previous post, I wrote about the features dropped in OCUM, which NetApp has been promising to bring back, for almost four years now.


But the answer is we can use Swagger UI to try out the functionality, and use WFA flows to implement it.  The entire reason I've been a NetApp devotee for so long, is that NetApp always provided tools to get the job done.  I don't want to be a DevOp;  I'm an Operator, a Storage Eng./Admin.  I want to do things in BASH, just like I've been used to.


Please take that to Insight in 2018, maybe someone will listen.


And if you are going to use Swagger, create a build that works, and document it, so we can all be enlightened.