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7MTT does not connect to configured LIF




I configured a migration project and added a new LIF in Networking, since you cannot chose an existing LIF.

But the snapmirror connection connects to a intercluster LIF (1 GBit) instead of the configured LIF (10Gbit) in an SVM where the volume goes.


I do not find any errors/failures in the logs.


Happens on both Clusters (its a MetroCluster).

When I testes my first projects, it used to work.



Any hints?







Re: 7MTT does not connect to configured LIF


I just completed a 7mtt migration.  I had a interface group which had my two 10gb connections in it (A0A).  I created another lif on these ports for intercluster.  For example:




Intercluster lif is configured on A0A.


Here is a guide:



Also if you have support they can help you with the 7MTT


Re: 7MTT does not connect to configured LIF


You can choose which source IP(s) to use on the 7mode source systems, but it always uses the intercluster lifs on the destination cluster.   The lifs you create in a 7MTT project are data lifs on the destination SVM(s).  If 1gb is not enough for your snapmirror transfers then place those lifs on higher speed ports.  


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