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Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

Yes, there are multiple issues we've experienced.


1.  As someone stated earlier in this thread, you need a specific route for your management traffic for the Cluster and Node management.  (You need to have a separate management subnet (. - period)

2.  I've found Firefox is the best browser for NetApp products, but I often have to upgrade.  Many of the tool README.txt files tell you the versions of browsers required at minimum.  I would suggest using Firefox Quantum releases at this point.  The only issue with quantum is VMware which still does not have a pure and workable HTML 5 client.

3.  Clear out your cache in the browser, close the browser and try again.



Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

I had the same problem after an upgrade. After creating a case with support and a few days later we found out that theres a bug regarding Unicode at sysmgr login. 

We were asked if only english characters were being used, we did. But we changed the password of the admin account anyway just to be sure (we had an : and . in the password). After the password change we managed to login. So try changing your password if you're having this issue. 




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