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8.3 documentation not matching the VM behaviour?

Hello all, first post here.


I fired up the VM and I am following the tutorial for the 8.3 version. The 8.3 PDF manual looks very alike the 8.2 one. But, the simulator behaviour is quite different.


After hitting CTRL-C and choosing "(4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks".

The system then reboots as expected.



According to the manual, after the reboot, a wizard should automatically fire up (that is what happened with Simulate OnTAP 8.2.2) asking me if I want to create a new cluster or join a new one.


Instead, I am just prompted with a login prompt now!

What should I do from now onwards? Thanks so much.


Re: 8.3 documentation not matching the VM behaviour?


               Login using admin. There should be no password.

     8.3 should automatically start the node setup wizard if not type "node setup".

     The next step after that is "cluster setup"






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