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Cluster-Mode SIM with 4 Nodes?

Hi, can I setup a cluster-mode cluster with 4 nodes using the SIM? The License is only for 2 Nodes, but I want to add 4 Nodes to the cluster. thank you, regards Maurice


Re: Cluster-Mode SIM with 4 Nodes?

I don't believe so, as I don't think they provide enough serial numbers for that many systems. Unless there is a trick to increment the fake serial number they give us by 1 for each new node. But honestly, I doubt they would allow something like that in a lab since there isn't a real interconnect, and it's only for testing purposes. Obviously they are trying to limit how far we can go with the Cluster-Mode systems in a lab so we do not try using them in Production. Makes sense.

Re: Cluster-Mode SIM with 4 Nodes?

The simulator is limited to 2 nodes only but you can built another cluster to perform the snapmirror operations.

thank you,


Re: Cluster-Mode SIM with 4 Nodes?

ok, thank you all!!

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