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Hi all,

IHAC asking about the meaning of the 'scan failures' in the vscan output as below:

Virus scanning is enabled.

Virus scanners(IP and Name)      P/S Connect time (dd:hh:mm)  Reqs    Fails    Curr. Reqs.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  \\HK000TKO1450  Pri    01:10:05               366        0        0

List of extensions to scan:


List of extensions not to scan:

Extensions-not-to-scan list is empty.

Number of files scanned:  7879

Number of scan failures:  13

Number of throttled requests:  0

I checked in the cmdref manual with the explantion as below:

Failures include scans which have detected viruses, scan requests which timed out and client requests which would normally trigger a scan but for which no scanners were available

Here is my questions:

1. If the failures is icluding the virus detected and request timeout, then how do we know what is the # of virus detected and request timeout?

2. What is the 'Number of throttled request' ? How to set this up?






1. I'm pretty sure that the failures have nothing to do with the number of virus found.  Finding a virus is not an operational failure but a successful execution.  If you want statistics on what is being found, then your vscan server software should be able to give you those.  I know the Symantec software can offer these.

2. Throttled requests refers to "requests waiting in the queue" because the vscan server is already too busy to accept more jobs.

If you are really interested in more complex vscan statistics on the filer side, the 'stats' command in diag mode allows you to view a lot of stats under the objects: "vscan_server_stat" and "vscan_stats".


Vscan failures means the number of files that were not scanned  - as they could be of diffrent extension list as mentioned in vscan files to be scannedby ONTAP

or may be missed due to timeout errors


Which anti-virus product are you using?

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