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RCU 3.0 indicates weird maximum datastore sizes


Using RCU on Vsphere when I try to resize most vmfs datastores on iscsi luns, the maximum datastore size is showing to be less than both the current and the minimum datastore size. Not all of my VMFS stores are like this, but most are. The few nfs stores show correctly. What am I not considering or how stoopid am I being? Thanks for any assistance!




This is a bug in the 3.0 version of RCU.  We have fixed it in the 3.1 version which is available as part of VSC 2.0.


Do the existing components need to be uninstalled or can I install VSC 2.0 over the top? and thanks for your help.


You'll have to uninstall RCU 3.0.  VSC 2.0 will prompt you to if you don't.


Hi Costea!!

Is there any API call or sample code to get the Datastore Minimum and Maximum values from the "Resize Datastore" window as screen shot attached in the above "RCU_datastore.jpg"?


No, we don't have an API call for that.  Many factors have to be taken into consideration here: whether you're resizing a LUN or a volume, the snapshot space, the snapshot percent reserved, whether thin provisioning has been enabled, etc.


Thanks for the reply. Could you please point me to the document if any where they have shown the procedure to calculate the min/max values for datastore? If there is no document could you please help me in the process of calculating the min/max values based on the various parameters you listed above.


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