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I have problems deploying VSC appliance 9.6 in vsphere. Appliance can't configure static ipv4 network. It uses allways dhcp, i dont have. I can configure ipv4 network manually from maintenance mode later, but it dont help, hostname is still invalid. Server can resolve hostname, hostname ir registered in dns.

Any ideas?


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Did you specify your fixed IP address (and other settings) while deploying the appliance?  This problem has happened to me quite a bit.  In the end I had to find a browser/vSphere combination that worked for me.  My cookbook literally contains the step "Use Chrome against vSphere to deploy VM using the Flash-based vSphere client."  So try different browsers against vSphere.  If it still fails, you can deploy directly to the ESXi host, but that may not be supported.

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Re: VSC appliance 9.6


Sorry, I missed this step when deploying the appliance:

"Log out of vSphere and delete browser cache before deploying appliance."

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@Uldis Can you look into the response and update the thread ?

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