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Would like a bit more detailed info on the following options available in the snapdrive.conf file.  I am reading it as thought the options will extend more
I know there is a maximum number of export policies, I haven't been able to find the maximum number rules.
Hello Community,I was wondering if Snapvault would still be able to work if a new Snapvault source has the same netbios name as the original source. A more
I have installed a DFM server (latest version on linux) and it is sending out emails about warnings and errors...So far so good.  But the URL points t more
We have some vfilers, where the NFS Exports are not getting populated into the oncommand database... Is there a reason why that is?  Cifs shares repor more
Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to get performance reports Flash Pool  of SSD drives. If I can also get a graphical real-time performance of more
When VSC tries to take backups of my ESX datastores, it chokes on trying to snapshot running sims: takes 15 mins to give up, and ends up tossing alert more
Hi,   I am trying to get my head round vfilers using an Ontap 8.2 7-mode simulator and running into issues and no idea what I am doing wrong. So would more
Hi all.I'm trying to automate the process of vfiler dr resync remotely.I'm trying to use the Invoke-NaVfilerDrResync toolkit command but it seems that more
Hi,We have two NetApp's, soon to be three, one located at each site.FAS2040 / OnTAP 8.1.3 / 7-ModeFAS2240-4 / OnTAP 8.1.2 / 7-ModeWe have snapmirror s more