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hi, we have a controller that keeps rebooting and it fails to write a log as the controller has no spare disks.  i found that i can create a lun for t more
We are a relatively small shop.  We currently just upgraded our 2020 to a 2240.  We run 2 SQL boxes that use snapmanager and snapdrive to map sw iscsi more
Hi all,reading at a recent copy of NetApp MetroCluster FAQ there's something not completely clear.I read first:SAS stack depth: 10 shelves per stack a more
Can anyone offer a solution here?   We have a customer that is not able to setup vFilers on their FAS8020 (7-mode)  HA pair  (8.2.1)  They have Fibre more
How do I attach my log files??
Getting error while using NetUserGetLocalGroups() API. I am using the API to check if the domain user exists in any group.LPLOCALGROUP_USERS_INFO_0 pB more
IHAC has a normal oracle 11g RAC + ASM environment(they use oracle linux 5.9+ FCP).  there were two nodes.  RAC sid= orcl,  node1 SID=orcl1, node2 SID more
I'm pulling the list of current events using perl and the API. I can get a list of events and I can filter the list using some of the documented param more
Hello,Does anybody know if SMSQL is will use ONTAP Hardware VSS provider even if I change the windows default provider to Software one?
HiRecently NetAPP FAS8020 and FAS2240-4 user so be gentle with me :-)We have a number of backups being done using VSC for our volumes. I have come in more