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The Cloud Data Management Interface defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements f more
Hello,   I would like to create a flexible volume by using ONTAP API in Java. Also I want to attach/detach a new clone to certain vfiler by using comm more
Hello,   My name is Yegor. I've recently started to work with NetApp. I'm working on Data ONTAP API in Java. I little bit confused when I'm catching d more
Hi,   I'm unable to download those. Are the links broken?   8.0.3 seems to download just fine.   -Jari
In order to use an "array" type counter, you have to call perf-object-counter-list-info to associate them to a label (and to know the ordering).   Is more
I am trying to work on a Solaris 10 program that will make a snapshot of a LUN on our NetApp filer. However, I can't run as the root user on Solaris ( more
Either in place of or in addition to the SDK zip distribution, could the expanded form please be published online? Rather than having to download it a more
Our filer is running ONTAP 1.14, and so we are accessing it with the 7.3.7 version of the ontapi java library as indicated by the documentation.  The more
getting Connect-NaController not a known cmdlet.   script works on one machine but not on another   where does manageontap.dll need to be? tried syste more
I am an SE working with a large enterprise customer. I am working with our PS guy to develop a script using FPolicy. We have an issue where Snaplock A more