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I have run in to a strange issue on a number of ONTAP 8.1 simulators. After working with the sim for several days, both with PuTTY and System Manager, more
1>I compile “dfm-5.0.wsdl” (come from DFM SDK) and generate all soap files by using gsoap 2.7.9. 2> With the generated soap files, I made a simple pro more
I can make a call to the DFM via the Web Services API for a proxy request. Looking at the raw data it appears that the response is coming back success more
Hi, I installed the simulator on Vmware esxi using vSphere. I ran the wizard to create a new volume and vfiler. I set up cifs. Everything worked fine, more
Hi All,   Can anybody briefly explain about the object performance counters in filer, I was implemented the historical graphs for Volume performance p more
Ive created a simple project in VS2010 ( VB.NET ) and included the ManageOnTap.dll.   If I debug my code ( step into ) , I get a failure as soon as I more
Hello friends,   I recently installed and configure Ontap Simulator ...i am able to get FilerView on IE but i have one issue regarding to Operation Ma more
[...repost from] The admin http server (i.e. for ZAPI) by default is using an extremely small TCP window (8760 bytes) that re more
Hi, I think I have found a little bug in ontap 4.1 .net bindings. If I want to create a list or a single item from type CifsShareAclInfo the ShareName more
Hi! Just for the archives:   If you have (accidently) installed the old version 3.2 of SecureShareAccess ( more