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We realized that we are not able to connect to one of the the 2 Controllers with a Windows Client on a FAS2240-2 / NetApp Release 8.2.5P3 7-Mode . Che more
I bought a NetApp X1975A-R6 2Tb Flash Cache Module PCIE VT but I'm kinda confused on how to use it none of my motherboards show it as storage but wind more
We have vscan servers in production for multiple SVMs.1. how can we find out the statistics of VSCAN such as how many scans completed, how many virus more
I inherited a bit of a mess and have been trying to get a network up to date from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2019. I got to the NetApp s more
Dear Community,   since we have updated some of our systems (FAS82xx, AFF A300) to Ontap 9.3P7, we see the following Errors in Messages for our (UTA2) more
Hello,I am new to the Ontap 9 solution. I cannot create a CIFS home directory.Can you help me ? thanks for any help
I am trying to create what I assume should be an extremely simple view in ActiveIQ Unified Manager - a list of every volume with a column showing the more
The old 7-mode versions of Ops Manager and System Manager require Adobe Flash, which will cease working on Google Chrome on 12/31/2020. While I know 7 more
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Active IQ now has unified Digital Advisor and Discovery Dashboard watchlists You may have noticed a new look and feel to Active IQ this morning. Previ more
  Introduction: This guide has basic installation steps for the Open Source software Graphite and Grafana. These software are commonly used with OnCom more
Purpose Performs a variety of checks against an ONTAP SAN based system and returns the results in an Excel spreadsheet. Following are the checks invol more
In mid-Nov 2020, we will fully transition to the new Active IQ Digital Advisor and Active IQ “Classic” will be retired. Active IQ Digital Advisor, wh more
NetApp SANtricity VASA Provider  VMware APIs for Storage Awareness  Overview:About VASA Provider:VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness ena more
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