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We're officially partnering with Google Cloud to bring Cloud Volumes to Google Cloud Platform. Here's George Kurian, NetApp CEO, and Diane Greene, Goo more
Industry-leading perfomance for AI, deep learning, and enterprise SANs. Get the tech specs here!  
Do you know what NVMe is? What about SCM? Here's Jeff Baxter to explain the two terms & how it ties back to the AFF A800 & ONTAP 9.4.  
See a quick video to understand what is Active IQ and value it brings to you while managing your NetApp products.  
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Hello Experts   I have sanpmirror with ontap 9.1 , on one of the volumes on the destination side I have some old snapshot that do not exists on the so more
Using SnapDrive , I am trying to Create Disk;  while entring "Storage System Name"  I am  getting error message "Failed to Get Data ONTAP version runn more
All,   We are running OnTap v8.1.3  7-Mode as vfiler, all of sudden some of the NFS shares started giving mount an error on all exported servers with more
Hi All,   I have a CIFS volume of size 4TB of which 800 GB is 32-bit snapshots, the volume is part of the older 32-bit aggr Mirrored to 64-bit aggrega more
Hi all   Error :  Failed to apply the source Vserver configuration. Reason: Apply failed for Object: profileconfig_all_byname Method: baseline. Reason more
Can Harvest and Graphite be installed on a single system/os?
Dear Powershell addicts,   I got a strange behavior using the command Set-NcNetInterface for modifying the homeNode.   I have an interface with the sa more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of  NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.7.  This unified release has enhancements for b more
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