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Hello, I'm new to NetApp and had a question.    Is there a way in 7-mode CLI to find the new volume I created, the IQN number for that volume, if that more
We have a NetApp R200 running DOT 7.3.3 that has bascially been sitting idle in a corner for far too long with old archived data on it. We are trying more
Hello All,   I'm new to NetApp so I'm asking this question.  I have a storage cluster runnin 8.3P1. I need to run space reclaim on the entire cluster more
I am taking a set of snapmirror destination volumes and creating additional replication jobs to a third system. Is there an easy way to have these add more
Hi,   I have upgrade my FAS2554 from 8.3 to 9.1. All works fine but about every 5 minutes in the Events Log I found this debug messages: acp.command.c more
Hi Im wondering if we can have netapp-harvest only poll a single SVM?   I've created a management interface to the SVM and and a user in the same SVM. more
I have a quick question. We are adding in all of our EMC Isilons into OCI. The Configuration and Admin Guide says that "Root permissions to the Isilon more
Hi, I have a FAS2554 (cDOT 8.3.2P12) with 20x4TBx4 + 400SSD. Now 3 SATA disks (X477_HMKPX04TA07) have too many logged errors every day so NetApp Suppo more
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