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Welcome to the SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition Community!  We have created this community so that you can ask your questions for the SnapManager more
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Hi all, We need to migrate one “stand alone” SPE physical scanner from its current domain to the new domain; the SPE is scanning only one 7-mode NetAp more
Have a problem where dedupe on a aggregate is running extremely slow.  Some operations have been running for 2 weeks or more on volumes it you take mi more
Hello people what is the reasin behind with AIQ , i have some systems not showing perfomance values of any kind? any special option in autospport to b more
Hi,   we have a problem with one of our filers. It is a two node cluster with 8060 nodes.   We are getting from time to time theser errors: Event: Nbl more
By default, 5 minutes would be the polling interval, and can be adjusted to 10 mins or more. Can I set it to be any values less than 5 minutes? What i more
Hello, We're backing up a MySQL database on iscsi storage (on Ontap 9.7) via SnapCenter 4.4 using the Custom Plugin for MySQL 2.0.This seems to work g more
I need to provide API access to one of our Netapp clusters, but I need to limit this to a single SVM. I have created a SVM (on OnTap 9.7p7) with manag more
Hi,Could you tell me where I can get the latest flash/firmware update package for the NetApp branded QLogic 2672 FC HBA (NA 111-00910+B0)? Thanks,Erik
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Quick recpie to install Graphite and Grafana, for use with OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM) external data provider and/or NetApp Harvest from the T more
PurposePerforms a variety of checks against an ONTAP SAN based system and returns the results in an Excel spreadsheet. Following are the checks involv more
In mid-Nov 2020, we will fully transition to the new Active IQ Digital Advisor and Active IQ “Classic” will be retired. Active IQ Digital Advisor, wh more
Hy allHere is a simple but powerfull POSH script for VISIO your C-Mode config.You need the have the latest release of PowerShell 1.7 and MS Office VIS more
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