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Hi, experts

Do we have the SDK for VSC so that we can use VSC in the other applications.

Our customer want to use the snapshot , rapid restore , rapid clone through VSC in their own applications.




I also searching a SDK for the VSC, especially for the rapid cloning.

Re: SDK for VSC

Me too, do you have the result?

Re: SDK for VSC

The only thing I found was that:


But I do not get it to work, always get a 404 and there is no documentation.

Re: SDK for VSC

The only result I found was from VSC administrator guide , to use SOAP , I just try to test it , maybe you can try it also, hope it could  work

Re: SDK for VSC

Hi All,

The documentation is available in the VSC Install and Admin guide. See page 156 onwards in the "Programmable API" section.


Personally i've found the API documentation to be somewhat lacking in any tangible examples...

So you may also be interested in some powershell example code i've posted below which demonstrates how to invoke VSC API's using SOAP web services.

https://communities.netapp.com/thread/30999 (CreateClones API)

https://communities.netapp.com/message/123862 (Redeploy API)

Hope that helps

Cheers Matt

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Re: SDK for VSC

Thanks Matt,

Meanwhile , I read the VSD admin guide , and programmable API is used for provision and Clone. And How about the backup & Restore , Monitor etc, If I can just use VSC CLI , no the special API like SOAP?

Really appreciated for your help!

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