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Know problem. Put ip address and hostname in etc host file on client wher you start sysmanger. As well cluster mode valid. There you put clustermanger more
We have some scripts that create clones of nfs volumes that have started to fail with:   Volume is in use by other operations (in response to the volu more
Hi, I'm evaluating NetApp SDK to design a DMS storage system. I would prefer to stay away from OS-dependent protocols, such as CIFS and NFS. A missing more
Our Customer setup snapvault using 2 ONTAP simulators running NetApp Release 8.1.1X34 7-Mode. Initial baseline worked as expected. Next a file was del more
Hello Team,   I am a newbie to the NetApp SDKs and would sort out your guidance to resolve the NaAuthenticationException that we are facing in our app more
Hey,I would like to know , how we can  capture all the permission denied logs when some one is mount a folder or create a file in the volume.- Mandar
The Cloud Data Management Interface defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements f more
Hello,   I would like to create a flexible volume by using ONTAP API in Java. Also I want to attach/detach a new clone to certain vfiler by using comm more
Hello,   My name is Yegor. I've recently started to work with NetApp. I'm working on Data ONTAP API in Java. I little bit confused when I'm catching d more
Hi,   I'm unable to download those. Are the links broken?   8.0.3 seems to download just fine.   -Jari