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Hello,   I would like to change the retention of a file to the retention of a volume.   Scenario: a volume for which at the start no retention was def more
Hi All,   I have installed a similator 7.3.4 over esxi 5.0 but it cannot be avaible over network. I have checked routing table and default gateway is more
Hello,     Is there any way we can get list of all users and their changed permissions in Fpolicy during permission change operation?For ex- I deleted more
We've been tracing down for weeks the cause of a serious performance decline of our filer. We have narrowed it down to a python script using the lates more
We are trying to develop a short-term workaround for Rapid Cloning a VM in XenServer/ PVS. We have found scripts that do that but they use a file copy more
Is there a way we could gather NFSv4 statistics using Netapp API? We would like to gather information related to number of requests per min (getattr, more
Hi All,Anybody can send me the SDK API for changing the security style of volume? 
Hi All,   I have an ONTAP SDK API call "cifs-share-list-iter-start" to get all the cifs volumes share information. But the same does not work when con more
Hi All,   Can anybody know the java sdk API call to change the volume security style?  At present i am using system-cli by passing the arguments, it w more